1. How much does a battery replacement cost?

    Battery cost very greatly by the brand and model of ELT that requires a new battery. 121.5 Mhz batteries are generally less expensive than the 406 Mhz counterparts. This is in large part due to the service life of the batteries. Typically a 121.5 Mhz ELT will have a battery with an in-service life of 2 years while a 406 Mhz ELT can have a battery in-service life of up to 7 years. 

    • AK-450 Battery replacement $24.00.
    • E-01 Battery replacement $32.00.
    • For current prices on other batteries please contact us.
  2. Can I fly my aircraft with the ELT removed?

    Yes. According to CARs 605.39, an aircraft with 1 ELT and operated under CAR Part VII subpart 4 or 5 can be operated legally without an ELT installed for up to 10 days. Aircraft operated in any other category can be operated for up to 30 days after the date of ELT removal. 

  3. Why should I get my Kannad Battery replaced at a KABRC?

    In accordance with the Kannad Maintenace Policy Service Letter, they only authorize Kannad Approved Battery Replacement Centers (KABRC) to replace batteries. Battery replacement is carried out following instructions stated in the Level 2 component maintnenance manual which are only provided to KABRC's. Glideslope Aerospace Inc. is a KABRC.

  4. How often does my ELT need to be certified?

    According to CARs 571 Appendix C, the ELT shall be inspected at intervals not exceeding 12 months.

  5. How often does my ELT battery need to be replaced?

    There are 2 basic reasons that the ELT battery would be required to be replaced. First, the battery will need to be replaced by the date specified by the manufacture. Second, operation limits set out by CARs 571 Appendix G.

  6. When can I test my ELT?

    ELTs should only be tested (in accordance with manufactures specified procedures) during the first 5 minutes after any top of the hour, and test should be no longer than 3 audilbe sweeps or 5 seconds.


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